The ruthless working week

The Ruthless Working Week


How a work week can make you weak and keep you (un)awake.



-Hey Boss, today is Sunday. We must rest for today is the day of the Lord.

-What day of the Lord? What lord? Sunday is the day of the Sun! The Sun ain’t the Lord, obviously. Go back to work!


-Hey Boss, today’s Monday i.e. Moon day.

-So what? Besides the Sun, you’re gonna tell me you worship the Moon too?

-Nah, I don’t worship anything Boss. It’s just that as the moon is a symbol of the night, I thought today we could all stay in bed…

-Well fella, your thought is just a dream. Go back to work.


-Today’s Tuesday. As I read it somewhere, Tuesday refers to Mars the god of war. Today there should be a war between employers and employees. Something that would keep us away from work.

-Stop daydreaming, fella! Tuesday means two’s day! Today, you work double! Go!


-Wednesday’s the day dedicated to Mercury. Just another day I wish the mercury exploded the thermometer and nailed me to bed.

-Well you look in pretty good shape today, now go back to work!


-I forgot about Thursday… What’s Thursday? Thor’s day?

-Nope, it’s more like Thirst day, the only day of the week you’re allowed to quench your thurst. Now keep working!


– Friday is supposed to be the day dedicated to Venus when we all go out to meet some chicks and have fun… Today should be a free day! A frigging day-off!

-It should be. Unfortunately it is not. Here Friday is a short way to say frightening day because we all think Boss’s left for the weekend and actually he’s not!

-Exactly! So come on, keep working fellas!


-What about Saturday? All these restless days seem to make me forget all of my acquired knowledge.

-Saturday stands for the day of Saturn. Which is the planet that symbolizes doom and despair.

-Argh! it’s a nightmare. Help!


Patrick Verdu


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