Witnessing and experiencing Love

Today, now, in that very moment, the moment, present, I anounce to you and confirm with much joy in my heart that the Universe is going through a new era. An era of peace and harmony where Love, the prime energy of création, is gonna rule. I tell this with confidence because I am changing, I change and I have already changed. And if the Universe means indeed unity, if we are one, only one and the same, and that I change, then you change as well, they change, we change, the whole universe changes and this is the Earth that rises up towards a better, glowing, magnificent future.

Today, I followed my heart. I didn’t seek to reactivate, to reconnect myself nor try to open whatsoever. I put aside my mind, which didn’t tell me the usual « Come on, today, force yourself, do this, do that, and, maybe it will do good to you. Otherwise you can do it later, or never, but you’d better do it, what would we think if not? how could you… bla bla bla » I just followed my heart and experienced something amazing. Such a beautiful song I have heard for the first time few years ago came again to my ears (see the link below). Without thinking, with the voice of my ego shut, I just wanted to listen to this song, again and again. So I put it on Youtube and listened and sang. Once, twice, thrice… and then, at the third listening, at this phrase, « Soon these tears will have cried », my heart reacted. My heart opened up : I dropped tears freely, I have welcomed the emotion, I let it come and pass through me, I let it go so it could overrun myself. That was beautiful, that was good, that was divine, just as if Love was hugging me.

To develop one’s spirituality, nothing is needed. Doing yoga, meditating, taking some shamanic remedies, nothing of these is necessary. They are just tools, not the solution. We all have our own solution, truth is within us. That said, one shouldn’t neglect the body. Our bodies are gifts. They are our closer link to nature, to life. One needs to listen to it, to understand it, to harmonize with it because the body talks to us, listens to us and guides us. It is a wonderful recipient to our being, a vessel.

Within the tears my body talks to me a lot. At least, today, around noon, and for an hour, my body sent me, offered me a message. During this hour, I felt the energy vibration, I felt the universal vibration, through my tears of joy, and specifically in my hands. Those tears showed me, reminded me that Love is here, all around us, all the time. Also that, the truth lying within us all, we all are Love.

For an hour, I have cried with joy, comprehension and gratitude. Nothing is more joyful when everything makes sense. My cat lying at my feet, waiting for me, honouring me with her presence. When I look at her, when I look at the trees, at the air, at the glass filled with water in front of me, tears drop by more fluently. I am thankfu for the elements, the trees, all the beings, I thank the beautiful water, the Life… the Universe that allows us to live this infinite moment.

There, I just wanted to share this moment of pure joy with you. I know I already did, energetically speaking, while I was experiencing it. But I think it’s good I want to spread it through more channels. Actually, even though I’ve had this experience when I was « lonely », I didn’t feel the need for company, I didn’t feel sad at all for being not able to share it in the intimacy of someone else, because I am convinced, I know the loneliness doesn’t exist, for we are the Universe, everything we experience resonates everywhere.

Love is here since the beginning. Feel it, see it, think it, embody it. There’s nothing to learn at all, everything you need is already here. Just let your heart vibrates and guides you. We are Love, let’s abandon ourselves in its matrix of pure joy.

I wish that you could do so, that you could abandon yourself in it, and find and honour yourself in it. Thank you for being.

Peace, joy, harmony and love to you/us all.

Patrick Verdu


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